Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Summer Pen Friend Exchange

It's time to kick off the Summer Pen Friend Exchange! If you enjoy handwritten correspondence with like-minded people, The Victorian Letter Writers Guild may be for you! Check out my Welcome message in the menu bar then sign up now for our Summer Pen Friend Exchange! 
**The Summer Exchange is now closed. However, you can still sign up for the Autumn Exchange! Follow the instructions below and I'll notify you when I'm ready to assign partners near the first of September.

Here's what you need to know:
  • The Summer exchange will run from June 1st-August 31st. You will receive your pen friend's information by June 3rd.
  • This is an international exchange but introductory letters must be written in English. (If you and your partner decide to write in a more familiar language after, that is fine.)
  • A minimum of one letter to your partner is required. If you decide to continue the correspondence after that, wonderful!
  • I am not responsible for "flakers", but anyone who does not keep their commitment will not be included in further exchanges. 
  • Privacy Statement: Your information will only be given to your assigned pen friend. I will not use it for any kind of advertising, marketing, or other commercial purposes, nor will I publish it in any form. There is no fee to join the Guild---it's strictly for fun and fellowship. I will add your email to a list for my own purposes and will only send emails regarding the pen friend exchange or other Guild activities I think you might be interested in, such as giveaways or letter writing challenges. I will not add you to my blog subscription list but there is a link on the sidebar to do so if you wish. 

Are you ready for a new pen friend? Copy and paste the answers to the following questions in an email and send it to:

Pen Friend Sign Up Questions
Send to

1. Full Name

2. Full Mailing Address including zip code and country

3. Email Address

4. What is your age group? 

5. Do you have a preferred age group to correspond with?
no preference

6. Do you prefer a pen friend from your own country or is any country fine?

7. Do you prefer a pen friend of a certain gender? 

8. What is your gender?

9. List some of your hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes.

10. What interests you about the Victorian Letter Writers Guild?

11. How did you learn about the Guild?


  1. Sounds so fun Sarah! I had better pass. I signed up for a pen pal on another blog and have been so busy that I have not treated it like I planned on. :( Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. This is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinned!

  3. I just sent an email with my information. Thank you for providing this opportunity, I'm looking forward to correspondence this summer!

  4. I would love to sign up! Of course, it will be a winter exchange for me, being in Australia!

  5. Just signed up - very excited to join in the fun!

    Thank you for making it possible! : - )

    1. PS

      I am your most recent follower!

  6. What a great idea Sarah!! I had a pen pal from England when I was a teen. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  7. I love this , signed up and looking forward to it.

  8. So fun. Thanks for linking at Our Holiday Journeys. I sent you an email.
    I also featured you on my Happy Homemaker Monday post.
    I am looking forward to it!