Monday, November 29, 2021

How to Begin Letter Writing

I've just finished a nine page letter to my mom, but we text every day! How can I have that much more to say? It's because I am a pro letter writer! Ha! If you're interested in getting started with letter writing, this video is for you. I'll tell you about my process and maybe you'll find some helpful ideas!

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A History of Letter Writing and the Postal Service

In this video I share about my love of letter writing and why I'm determined to keep pen palling alive and thriving. I also give a concise history of the British and United States Postal Services, as well as the evolution of letter writing in our society. My generation is the last to have experienced life without the internet and I see how so many of life's simplicities have been lost along with it. I'm determined to share this joy of the written word, the sacrifice and peacefulness of taking the time to compose something for someone else, with anyone who is interested. Maybe someday we will be a completely digital society---but that time hasn't come yet and I'm committed to making sure it doesn't come round for a very long time!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

2021 Spring/Autumn Pen Friend Exchange


 If you enjoy handwritten correspondence with like-minded women, The Victorian Letter Writers Guild may be for you! The VLWG is a group of ladies who prefer meaningful and regular communication through personal and cheerful letters. Therefore, each application will be reviewed and decided upon based on criteria that ensures this sort of experience. If you would like to be considered for the Victorian Letter Writers Guild, please answer the questions below very thoroughly and thoughtfully. Membership is open but limited. You will be notified by email if your application has been accepted.
This exchange is closed.

Here's what you need to know:
  • While we are very happy to fellowship with all humankind on this site, this particular exchange is for ladies only. If someone would like to organize a mixed-gender exchange, please do so and let me know so I can give you a shout-out here!
  • This is an international exchange but introductory letters must be written in English. (If you and your partner decide to write in a more familiar language privately, that is fine.)
  • A minimum of one letter to your partner is required. If you decide to continue the correspondence after that, wonderful! If not, please be so kind to let her know so she's not wondering what happened to you.
  • I am not responsible for "flakers", but anyone who does not keep their commitment will not be included in further exchanges. 
  • Privacy Statement: Your information will only be given to your assigned pen friend. I will not share it for any kind of advertising, marketing, or other commercial purposes, nor will I publish it in any form. There is no fee to join the Guild---it's strictly for fun and fellowship. I will add your email to a list for my own purposes and will only send emails regarding the pen friend exchange or other Guild activities I think you might be interested in, such as giveaways, shop specials, or letter writing challenges. I will not add you to my blog subscription list but there is a link on the sidebar to do so if you wish. 
Are you ready for a new pen friend? Copy and paste the answers to the following questions in an email and send it to: (PLEASE TYPE THEM into an email, no Google Docs, no photos of your answers, no attachments. I need to be able to easily and quickly transfer your information to your partner as this is a very big group and a very big task.)

*Please note: I can only read and write English. 
Please send your application in English. Thank you!
Also be aware that, barring any issues with language barriers, applications that ignore the requests above will be ignored. Thank you for respecting my time!

Pen Friend Sign Up Questions
Send to

First and Last Name

Full Mailing Address including zip code and country

Email Address

What is your age group? 

Do you have a preferred age group to correspond with?
no preference

Do you prefer a pen friend from your own country or is any country fine? (Please note, this can not always be fulfilled according to your wishes. Long time members have priority here and most new US members will not receive an international pen friend their first round.)

List some of your hobbies and interests. Here is a good place to tell me a little about yourself. Some people also like to let me know about their family structure, religious preference, etc. Any information you give helps me match you with a like-minded pen friend.

What interests you about the Victorian Letter Writers Guild?

How did you learn about the Guild? (If you were referred by someone, please let me know her name so I don't match the two of you as new pen friends!)

(Optional) What is your Instagram username? (Some members like to follow one another...not at all required.)