Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A History of Letter Writing and the Postal Service

In this video I share about my love of letter writing and why I'm determined to keep pen palling alive and thriving. I also give a concise history of the British and United States Postal Services, as well as the evolution of letter writing in our society. My generation is the last to have experienced life without the internet and I see how so many of life's simplicities have been lost along with it. I'm determined to share this joy of the written word, the sacrifice and peacefulness of taking the time to compose something for someone else, with anyone who is interested. Maybe someday we will be a completely digital society---but that time hasn't come yet and I'm committed to making sure it doesn't come round for a very long time!


  1. I watched on Youtube...& commented. So much fun. I do think that some people 'mailed' their children. I've read about that. It was early on, when mail was sent by train. Hilarious.

    And actually, when I was a little girl (in the 1960-70s) our mail carrier, Alice, would pass by our house twice a day. So occasionally my mother & I would ride to town with her to go to the store then back home again in the afternoon. Alice did eventually get into trouble for this. I have so many fun memories/stories about Alice. I should write them to you in a letter!

    1. Oh that is sweet! Yes! I would love to hear about all your fun memories of Alice!

  2. Oh, this was so interesting! Thank you for sharing! And I just LOVE your vintage lamp!